Frequently asked questions:

We are a Dutch startup company. After months of product development market research, many prototypes and client journeys we are ready to offer you the product that meets our standards. The products are created in a fair manner out of the right fabrics and the personal prints look amazing. We worked hard to make sure you can easily make your own shirt on our website. Our webshop opened officially on the 1st of November 2021.  

We want to create fair, sustainable and unique products for you. It is our deliberate choice to not add any elements, that need to be manufactured separately that do not add to the looks of our shirt. Labels on the inside of shirts are often used to prevent illegal copies. Because you create your own shirt exclusively on our website you don't have to be afraid of a fake Districtshirt.  The wash instruction is obligational so that is the only label we provide.   

For sure! We intent to launch some new cool premium basics in the near future. Think of new sweaters, different shirt colours and new designs. Stay tuned.   

You cannot register at our site. Through Instagram we will regularly share news and new products. If you want be up to date follow us at our Instagram account! 

As a start-up company we are definitely interested to hear about your opinion. We do everything to make shirts that fit your desire. You can reach us via contact send a message or per email to

We understand that you want to enjoy your shirt. That is why we have developed proces to deliver your shirt in a short time. Normally we deliver in four working days. Our transport partner is PostNL. In case there is a disturbance in the proces we will inform you accordingly.

We produce our shirts within 3 working days and we will transfer the shirt on the third working day to our transport partner. The time needed for the actual shipping is depending on the destination. Normally this can be done within 4 working days. Also outside the Netherlands our transport partner is PostNL.

We ship to all countries within the European Union. No, unfortunately we do not ship to the United Kingdom. 

The shipping cost is dependent on the total amount ordered. This total amount will be calculated after any discounts or use of coupons. We do not charge shipping cost if the order amount is more than EUR 50.- Below this amount the regular shipping cost is EUR 3.95 per order. The shipping cost is equal for all countries in the EU. 

For deliveries in the Netherlands this is possible. For shipping outside the Netherlands, we are working hard to make this possible. We understand you want to follow your package at any time independent on where we have to ship to. 

In the confirmation email you received we have included a track and trace number. This gives you the exact location of your shipment and informs you when it will be delivered. In case the shirt is delivered we will receive a confirmation. When you did not receive your shirt please inform us so we can find a solution. You can reach us via the contact form.

The shirt is created especially for you. Within our production process, it sometimes occurs that the shirt will have a light smell. In other cases the print might be slightly hazed. Both are nothing to worry about and will disappear after the shirt is washed.

That is the reason we recommend to wash the shirt before use. So you can wear a nice and fresh Districtshirt. kan dragen. 

We recommend to wash your shirt below 30 degrees Celsius. Wash the shirt inside out. When you want wash your shirt together with other laundry make sure you combine it with similar colours and fabrics. Do not iron on the print. Do not tumble dry or dry clean. 

Unfortunately this is not possible. At Districtshirt. you determine how the shirt looks. This makes the shirt unique and only valuable for you and no one else. This is custom made. We hope you understand that we cannot accept any returns. 

Unfortunately we cannot accept returns as your shirt is custom made. Pay extra attention to the size when ordering. You can use the sizing table with the exact sizes of the shirts. Besides the sizing table we have added the length and weight of models so you can use this as reference. 

In the sizing table you find all the height, width and sleeve length of the shirt. All sizes are in centimeters (cm). The height is measured from the bottom to the top of the shirt. The width of the shirt is measured at chest height. The sleeve length is measure from the sleeve insert at the top.  

We do our upmost to make good shirts. In the rare case there is a production error we will do everything to correct this. In this case you can contact us via our contact form.We will ask you to send a picture of your shirt so we will be able to see the possible production error and use this to enhance our production process.  

Of course! Add the first shirt to you cart. Go the cart and click on the image of your shirt. The designer page will open the exact location of your choice. From there you can add another size shirt to your cart. 

That is possible. You can add the shirt to your cart. When you come back to our site you can go your cart and open the design by clicking on the image. Another option is to share your design with others. You can click on the link at any time and you get valuable feedback from others at the same time. All created so you can make the best shirt possible!

Unfortunately this not (yet) possible. We are starting entrepreneurs working hard to make this concept get off the ground. A call center is not yet feasible but is highly on our wish list. At this moment you can reach us via the contact form.

We send you a copy of the recipient's email immediately after purchase. It is possible that this email is in the trash bin. Typically we send the email to the lucky receiver within the hour. At the same moment you will receive a confirmation email. 

At the checkout you can apply your discount coupon code. In our shop you can only use one discount coupon card per order. The discount will be calculated automatically. On the basis of the new amount after the discount is applied the shipping cost will be determined. In case this amount is higher than EUR 50.- we do not charge shipping cost, otherwise the shipping cost is EUR 3.95 per order. 

You can check the amount easily. Go to the gift card balance checker on the bottom of the site. Here you can insert the number on the gift card.

The gift card is 24 month valid. You can use the gift card only on this website. With the gift card you can order no other gift cards. 

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